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CyberSecurity Scenarios (IT-CYSEC-SCO-01)


Course Description

What would you do in the face of an actual information security problem? This program consists of six cyber security modules with real life scenarios and case studies. Each of the modules in this bundle helps refine and enhance the skills that cyber security and IT professionals need. The six modules included are:

• Access Control and Identity Management introduces the principles of access controls, beginning with the central modes of information security and continuing through various attacks and defenses.
• Application, Data, and Host Security covers the security of applications, data, and hosts in information systems.
• Compliance and Operational Security contains a discussion of the role of security governance and risk management in information security.
• Cryptography contains an introduction to the key concepts of cryptography and security engineering.
• Network Security examines communications and network security including the different types of networks and different transmission technologies.
• Threats and Vulnerabilities examines the process of identifying and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities in information systems.


Access Control and Identity Management Scenarios
Application, Data, and Host Security Scenarios
Compliance and Operational Security Scenarios
Cryptography Scenarios
Network Security Scenarios
Threats and Vulnerabilities Scenarios


6 months




This course is designed for IT professionals and other adult learners who are interested in information technology security, with an eye towards handling real world scenarios.





This course has an "Ask the Expert" feature, which submits your questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying.


All materials are provided.

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