When To Use This Training Plan

You may use this training plan as a financial assistance document for any 3rd party funding source that requires a training plan, program plan, syllabus or course outline documentation.

Common uses include:
  • Employer tuition reimbursement, workforce and training grants, easily printable document for future reference to the program, etc.
Before you submit to a 3rd party, ensure that the following fields are filled out or removed as necessary:
  • Student name
  • Projected start and end dates
  • School contact details
  • Typing everything in is fine. Be sure and save the document to your desktop once complete.
  • If your funding source requires information regarding the type of program this is- you may use Certificate or Certification.

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Included In The Training Plan

Course Code

Listed before the title of the program. It will have dashes in between the letters.

Example: HF-01-CMA - Clinical Medical Assistant Program

Title of Program

Can be found next to the course code.

Example: HF-01-CMA - Clinical Medical Assistant Program


Describes the career field a student will learn about.

Program Hours

Identifies the length and time a student will spend studying for a program online and is listed on the career plan.

Example: 750 Hours and or 12 months


Discusses career outlook, career preparation, key areas, topics, and course information.


Highlights the exams students will sit in part for, followed by the certifying agency associated with each exam.


Encompasses topics essential to the career field of choice in the form of modules. Modules must be followed in the order it is listed.


Shares a short description about the subject matter expert and experience related to the career field a student is preparing for.