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Brand Yourself with Social Media (PE-BYWSM-01)


Course Description

Are you looking to demonstrate more value to customers or employers? By using today’s hottest social media platforms you are able to build the powerful personal brand that gets you what you want.

In this class we will help you use social media to attract new business and grow your readership. From Facebook to Pinterest to video sharing, this class will teach you the techniques and ideas that are practical, easy, and effective for your brand. Networking and social media is a business tool that needs to be utilized, but do you know how to properly use it to fit your brand? We will teach you to choose today’s best social media tools for your personal goals, make the most of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—and leverage new platforms like Pinterest and Google+, build a personal brand campaign and measure the success of your social media branding.


Brand Yourself with Social Media Module 1
Why Self-Promotion is Important for your Brand and Building your Network

In module 1, we will be discussing about what self-promotion is and why you need to utilize it for your brand. We will introduce the rules to self-promotion along with personal branding and the do’s and don’ts. We will close out the week with reviewing the steps for blogging, why you should blog and how it builds your brand awareness.

What is Self-Promotion
Personal Branding
Building your Brand
Introduction to Blogging
Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging
Brand Yourself with Social Media Module 2
Social Media Networks and Useful Tools

We will go into more detail in module 2 as we explore the top social media networks; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This week we will review each network and discuss the power behind each and how to utilize it correctly in your business. We will also be looking at why video is taking over the world of social media with platforms and how sharing video content can improve your brand. There is a lot of information this week, get ready to take notes!

The Basics of LinkedIn and Why You Need to Use It
The Basics of Facebook
The Basics of Twitter
How To Use Content Correctly
What You Need to Know About Your Brand and Social Media
Brand Yourself with Social Media Module 3
Using Google For Your Brand and Launching Your Brand

In module three get ready to hit the web as we explore what tools on Google you need to be using to make your brand successful. We will also be learning how to create a personal brand campaign to launch your brand. At the end of the week we will review the success of your brand and why you need to measure the effectiveness of your brand success.

Search Engines
Building Your Personal Brand Campaign
Google Analytics
Tools to Use for Your Brand Success
Brand Yourself with Social Media Module 4
How to Properly Promote Your Brand and Using What You Have Learned

In our final week we will focus on marketing your brand. When it comes to getting your brand out there, there are various ways to introduce yourself to the network. At the end of the week will also focus on taking the information learned in the past 4 weeks and how to apply it to land the job of your dreams.

Why and Where You Need to Network
Do’s and Don’ts of Networking
Public Speaking
Getting Published as an Author, Is It For You?
Using Your Network to Find a Job


1 month








This class is an independent-study course.  Students will have all the resources needed to successfully complete the course within the online material.  A student helpdesk is available for technical support during the course enrollment.


Internet Connection

Broadband or High-Speed - DSL, Cable, and Wireless Connections
*Dial-Up internet connections will result in a diminished online experience. Classroom pages may load slowly and viewing large audio and video files may not be possible.

Hardware Requirements

Processor - 2GHz Processor or Higher
Memory - 1 GB RAM Minimum Recommended
PC Software Requirements

Operating Systems - Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1
Internet Browsers - Google Chrome is highly recommended
Cookies MUST be enabled
Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)
PowerPoint Viewer (if you do not have PowerPoint)
Adobe PDF Reader
QuickTime, Windows Media Player &/or Real Player
MAC Software Requirements

Operating Systems - Mac OS x 10 or higher with Windows
Internet Browsers- Google Chrome is highly recommended
Cookies MUST be enabled
Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)
PowerPoint Viewer (if you do not have PowerPoint)
Adobe PDF Reader
Apple QuickTime Media Player

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