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Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Voucher Included) (ITS-MS-OUT10-V)


Course Description

This course accurately and creatively provides an introductory audience with an understanding of the needed information to pass the Microsoft Outlook Certification exam. Perfect for office workers, professionals, and learners who want to know both how and when to best apply Microsoft Outlook 2010. This online course is supported by an instructor and is available for year-round open enrollment. This course is also an exam study guide for the following certification exam 77-884.


Upon successful completion of this program, learners will be able to:
• Manage Email Messaging
• Manage Calendars and Tasks
• Manage Contacts, and Information


6 months




Students who enroll in the Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2010 should have basic computer skills, including how to turn on the computer, how to use an Internet browser, and how to select commands from a menu or toolbar. Students should know how to save files and send attachments by email as well.
The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2010 is for students to improve their level and breadth of knowledge with Microsoft Outlook functions in preparation for taking the Microsoft Certification Exam. The course includes both recall and authentic assessments to measure student understanding at an increasingly advanced level. Students will be working hands-on with the commands and completing sample projects to reinforce learning. This course does not rely on abstract learning, but on the program in context.
The primary instruction is related to business applications of Outlook, as Microsoft Outlook is used in most workplaces. Nearly every business has a use for Microsoft Office programs, from inter-office memos composed on Microsoft Word to Sales presentations created with Microsoft PowerPoint to Budget spreadsheets compiled in Microsoft Excel. A secondary target group is teachers, who can use Microsoft Office for both teacher preparation and record-keeping as well as in student assignments. Lastly, home users may find many uses for Microsoft Office, similar to those used in the workplace. Microsoft Office is a ubiquitous product with great possibilities. This course aims to expose users to those possibilities.
Students for the certification exams should have the equivalent of six months of hands-on computer experience before taking the exam. These exam candidates should be proficient at file management. In addition, students should be able to readily identify and use the commands for at least 80% of the exam objectives in preparation for taking the timed exam. Amongst the skills necessary, students should be especially effective at entering information and analyzing data. Successful students will have mastered how to create and edit formulas, audit equations, insert and format visual data presentations and present information in charts and tables.


Candidates can format email message content by using character and paragraph formatting, create or insert graphic elements, such as charts, tables, and SmartArt graphics, into messages. They can also send messages to private recipients by using the Bcc field. Candidates are able to create contact records, tasks, and appointments from incoming messages, and they set up contact groups to facilitate communication with other Outlook users. They may share schedule information with other Outlook users, too. Candidates schedule meetings involving people and system resources, and they delegate tasks to others. Core users personalize the Outlook program window and the Quick Access Toolbar to maximize their efficiency. They organize messages and other Outlook items, and they display different views of mail folders and of the calendar, address book, and task list. They may also display multiple calendars and share calendars with other Outlook users.




Elizabeth Ann Nofs is the designer, developer, and instructor of the Comma Mama Guides. She developed a successful method for teaching visually that is based on observation, orientation and notation. The books that I wrote for this course meet the Microsoft Vendor of Approved course ware. As the instructor for this program, Elizabeth is available to provide guidance and motivation for learners throughout the duration of this program. As an expert mentor, she will provide answers to learner questions, monitor learner's program progression, and review lesson and program quiz/test results


This program can only be taken on a PC. It is not compatible with a Mac. It is compatible with Windows 7 and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers. You need a high-speed Internet connection and an e-mail account. You should also have Microsoft Office 2013 already installed: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.
This program does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.

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